Grand Rapids, MI Florist and Wedding Planner

Would like to know more about the women behind the dream? I am Alyssa Marie-Swails Ferguson and I’m a singer, dancer, baker, artist, gardener, floral designer, lover of antiques and a small business owner with a flower obsession! Ever since I was a little girl I have always been infatuated with flowers, which is funny because to this day while foraging for flowers I still feel like a kid exploring for the first time with excitement.  I’m a mother to a golden doodle puppy named Otto who keeps me company while I’m designing late into the night and a love bird named Jo Jo who sings along while I work. I have a loving and supportive husband whose made sure I followed my passion of floral design as a career and helped me jump into the excitement of being a small business owner after being in the floral and event industry for 9 years. With my Michigan certified florist certification, I am working on my event planning and coordination certification next.


I have a vast range of design styles so my design capabilities are endless. I have serviced Brides ranging from minimal & simplistic, shabby chic, loose garden inspired to lush and plush, pave, mono botanical modern styled designs. Truly I love each style in their own ways!

I also love to be challenged by new and unique styles and designs. I love to do large floral art installations!  Next March I will be suspending botanicals from the ceiling of The Collective Studio, can’t wait!  I love you to push boundaries and to inspire with my design work, it is such a humbling experience to inspire someone. My big dreams don’t stop there, but I don’t want to bore you, please feel free to email me about some of my Big dreams for my business if you feel so inclined.

Fleurology Designs llc is definitly a mouthful of a name, but the meaning behind it is why this name was a perfect fit! As a flower obsesser, I love to study, analyze and experiment with flowers, foliages and plants which to me summarized was Floral Biology. So I wanted to create a word that meant Floral Biology and this is how the fruition of fleurology was created! So my mission is to spread the love, joy and education of flowers and botanicals to every client or person I meet!

Now that you know the heart and mind behind the floral designer and owner, Please feel free to reach out to me about any inquiries, questions or curiosities you have with flowers!

Sincerely Yours,
Alyssa Ferguson CF